Receiver Hitch Style Towbar

with Swing Out Arm Accessory

What is a receiver hitch style towbar?

A receiver hitch style towbar is mounted underneath your vehicle at the rear and has a receiver tube to attach a ball mount or hitch accessory. Traditionally widely used and popular in the USA, it can be used for towing a trailer, caravan, or car, or paired with a swing-out bar for easy access to the boot.

The multi-use receiver hitch is vehicle specific and permanently bolted onto your vehicle. Meanwhile, the towball and hitch accessories are interchangeable, depending on what you want to use the receiver hitch for. No matter how you are using your receiver hitch, the towball or accessories are inserted into the receiver tube and secured in place with a hitch pin.

What are the benefits of a receiver hitch?

  • More versatile than a standard towbar as it can be used with a variety of receiver hitch accessories
  • When not in use and no accessories are attached, the receiver tube is covered with a visually appealing plug and won't get in your way when accessing the boot
  • Full access to the rear of the vehciles when using the Westfalia Swing Out Arm accessory without unloading bikes or transport boxes
  • Anti-rattle device ffor a smooth and quiet ride

Should I buy a receiver hitch?

Receiver hitches offer much more versatility than a towbar because they can be paired with a towbar or a variety of hitch accessories. These include a Swing Out Arm for easy access to the boot when transporting bikes, a recovery towing hook, flange neck towball, a transport box and much more.

If you are concerned with your overall vehicle weight please take into consideration that the receiver hitch often replaces the vehicle's crash beam which normally weighs between 10-15kg. The net additional weight is therefore considerably less than you may initially think.

Towball accessory with anti-rattle pin for a smooth and quiet drive.

Receiver hitch style towbar example

Easy access to the vehicle's rear with a fully loaded bikelander using the swing out arm accessory from Westfalia Automotive


See the receiver hitch style towbar with the swing out arm accessory in action!


A receiver hitch style towbar is currently available for retrofitting for the following models:

  • VW Transporter T5 Kasten/Kombi  04/03-08/15
  • VW Transporter T6 Kasten/Kombi  06/15-  
  • Citroen Jumper Kasten/Kombi  06/06-   
  • Fiat Ducato Kasten/Kombi  06/06-
  • Opel Movano C Kasten/Kombi  10/21-
  • Peugeot Boxer Kasten Kombi  06/06-