Fixed towbars

The best solution for everyday use!

The Classic from Westfalia-Automotive

The fixed towbar is the most affordable towbar option and ready for constant use! 

The benefits of a fixed towbar from Westfalia-Automotive

  • Uncomplicated: The Westfalia-Automotive towbar is known for its quick and precise mounting performance.
  • Always ready: Because it is mounted permanently, the fixed towbar is ideal for constant use.
  • The original: Westfalia-Automotive invented the towbar. When you buy a towbar from Westfalia-Automotive, you know you'll get OEM quality.

Towbar with welded (F10) or bolted (F20) tow ball neck

For some people, having a towbar on their vehicle isn't just helpful, it's a necessity. For these users, a fixed towbar is the right choice. The mechanism is available with a welded (F10) or bolted (F20) tow ball neck and is available for almost all standard auto brands and vehicle types. The towbar is easy to install — no special fitter needed. Your vehicle will be ready to tow in a jiffy.

Simple to use

The fixed towbar is always attached to the vehicle, so you can tow at any time. It's quick and easy to use, and ensures top convenience. Hooking up the trailer's electrical systems is also quick and easy, since Westfalia-Automotive's wiring kits are designed for a precise and secure electrical connection between vehicle and trailer or camper.

You can find fixed Westfalia-Automotive towbars at your local specialised dealer.