FAQ Coding Tools

What vehicles can I code using the Autocode / Autocode-Mini?

The Autocode Application List shows what vehicles the tool is able to code and configure towbar modules into.

How do I install Autocode / Autocode-Mini software?

Our step by step guide shows you how to install and use the Autocode PC Software.

How do I use the Autocode / Autocode-Mini?

Autocode / Autocode-Mini is easy to use – simply follow the flow charts for each make of vehicle. The flow charts show the screen shots that you get when using the Autocode. Each page shows step by step images of each screen as you go through the coding process.

Who do I contact for Autocode Technical Support?

For technical enquiries about Autocode please call our Technical Helpline on +49 (0) 5242-907500.

How often is the Autocode / Autocode-Mini updated?

There is no set number of updates available. The amount of time to update is dependent on the amount of work involved in reengineering the software for the fitter to use.

How do I update the Autocode / Autocode-Mini?

When updates are available notifications are sent to all registered users and a posting will be made on the Autocode website.

When you receive notification of an update, you can launch your Westfalia-Automotive Autocode Application and follow the instructions. Updates are easy to install and keep you up to date with the very latest software available at all times.

Is there a warranty on the Autocode / Autocode-Mini?

Standard warranty is 12 months with a free additional 12 months when the subscription is renewed after the first year.

Will Autocode / Autocode-Mini PC Software run on an Apple Mac?

Autocode / Autocode-Mini software is not supported on Apple Mac computers. The system will only run on PC’s running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, 8 & 10.