Detachable Towbars

The towbar for any occasion

The Best-Seller from Westfalia-Automotive

The detachable towbar has benefited from the trend toward more elegant visual lines in cars. Once the tow ball neck is removed, only a small part of the towbar remains visible. The product is available in two automated variants: vertically and horizontally detachable.

Vertically detachable towbars (A40V):

When ready for use, the tow ball neck is inserted from below (vertically) into the housing. Using a three-ball locking system, the tow ball neck is held firmly in place within the housing. This ensures absolute safety while still keeping it incredibly easy and convenient to use. The tow ball neck includes a lock to protect against theft.

The benefits of a detachable towbar

  • Safe & uncomplicated: Our system ensures absolute safety without compromising on its incredible convenience and ease of use.
  • Flexible: Detachable towbars are the ideal solution for anyone who uses trailers only occasionally, such as on cycling trips or to pull a trailer.
  • From the original: Westfalia-Automotive invented the detachable towbar and has been delivering them for all vehicle models since 1987. This history means our systems enjoy broad acceptance on the market.


Horizontally detachable towbars (A50H):

When ready for use, the tow ball neck is inserted horizontally into the seating pipe. It is automatically locked into place using a three-ball system similar to that of the A40V. The tow ball neck also features a lock to protect against theft.

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