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Proven a 1,000 times over – now made even better

Products are constantly adapting to customer requirements - bikes are also getting bigger, heavier and wider.

That is why we now also have optimized our well tried-and-tested bike carriers. In addition to a wider distance between the rails, the wheel holders have also been widened so that tire widths of 7 cm (2.75 ") now fit. In addition, the wheel holders can now be pushed a few centimeters further on the rail so that bikes with a wheelbase up to 130 cm can be transported comfortably and safely. In addition, the bracket on which the grippers for attaching bikes are attached has been lengthened.

All of this ensures even more comfort and safety. We hope you enjoy your next tour.

Wide & movable wheel holders

Wider movable wheel holders enable transport of bikes with a tyre width of up space to 7cm (2.75 in)

Wide distance between the bikes

Space between rails increased to 22cm for more space between bikes when fully loaded

Long bike support frame

Longer bike support frame offers more fl exibility when attaching the bikes.

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