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Product range wiring kits

Westfalia-Automotive pursues the strategy of being able to offer not only a towbar but also a suitable wiring kit for every vehicle. The product portfolio ranges from wiring kits with relay technology to state-of-the-art CAN bus sets that are actively connected to the vehicle data bus. New functionalities, such as the driving stabilization in trailer operation, are feasible with it. 

Wiring kits are divided into 7-pin and 13-pin systems


and among these into vehicle specific and universal solutions:

Our recommendation

Use the Westfalia-Automotive towbar in combination with the vehicle specific 13-pin electrical kit to ensure utmost flexibility during use. In addition, this model also saves you assembly time and thus money.

Vehicle specific wiring kits

Precise-fitting and an easy-to-assemble solution with vehicle specific plugs and control unit software for the respective vehicle model:

=> Complete support of the vehicle specific systems/functions (e.g. PDC shutdown)
=> Vehicle specific installation material makes assembly easier and saves time
=> Vehicle specific wiring kits support numerous vehicle assist systems (depending on the model)

Universal wiring kits

Can be used on numerous different vehicle types:

=> Complete support of the vehicles lighting system and some of the comfort functions (e.g. PDC,
      fog light switch off)
=> Extremely reliable
=> Universal installation material supports a fl exible assembly

Note: Depending on the manufacturer/model installation can take more time than with vehicle specific electrical kits (example: measuring of light functions).