Service and Support

Facts about and assistance with our products

The service website for Westfalia-Automotive serves as a portal for finding support on towbars, wiring kits, cycle carriers and all other products.

  • The "Downloads & Informational Materials“ section contains flyers on our various product ranges as well as the general catalogue. Suppliers can also download documents detailing the best way to establish smooth transactions with Westfalia-Automotive.
  • There's also a section containing Frequently Asked Questions to our customer service under "FAQ." Your question might be included, giving you a quick and uncomplicated solution to your issue.
  • The Service and Support area is rounded off with a "Glossary" to explain specialised jargon related to our products.

Note to consumers

Please note that Westfalia-Automotive is a manufacturing-only company. We do not offer direct support, either by phone or in writing, at the consumer level. This is handled exclusively by our trading partners and/or by specialised garages and dealers. Consumers should contact their local specialised dealer with support questions.

Thank you for your understanding.