Nothing can throw me off course.

With power springs safely on the way

Simple and Effective

Heavily loaded cars perform significantly better under extreme conditions, including emergency manoeuvres at high speeds, when outfitted with power springs.

This notable performance gap led Westfalia-Automotive to develop a programme of intelligent power springs. They support standard-equipped shocks with added dampening power when it's needed most.

Extensive on-road testing shows how vehicles remain more manageable even when lugging an additional 300 kilograms of weight. In extreme situations this can make all the difference between suffering an accident and driving on unscathed!

The power springs are an ideal supplement to a towbar from Westfalia-Automotive, which enjoy tremendous synergy when installed together in the workshop.

Each spring has been developed for a specific vehicle model. After-market installation is no problem and can be performed at any auto garage.

Without power springs

Heavy loads can overwhelm a vehicle's standard-equipped shocks — 'dropping it to its knees' in the rear. The result: longer braking distances, skidding and even potentially fishtailing through curves when crosswinds are present or when being overtaken. This is a result of the strong transmission of rough and uneven roads as well as potholes. All good reasons to reinforce the standard-equipped shocks on your vehicle before loading it down.

With power springs

The power springs from Westfalia-Automotive are designed to be simple and effective. They give the extra boost of power needed to keep your vehicle 'off its knees.' They provide extra on-road stability and deliver better grip for the front tires to keep braking distances short. You can tow heavy loads better than before, while minimizing the risk of trailers or campers fishtailing.



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Product program

Westfalia-Automotive has expanded its power springs programme and now has products available for a broad range of cars and light service vehicles. Find the power springs for your vehicle in the product overview section.
You can find power springs from Westfalia-Automotive at your local specialised dealer.

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