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What to do when the key is gone?

What to do when the key is gone?

When you receive an automatically detachable towbar, you should always write down the number of the key so that you can act quickly if the key is lost or bent. Even if you haven't, we have a solution for you. We present the options here.
But be careful: with all towbars that were manufactured before 1995 (with the code "2AXX" on the lock), no keys can be produced!

Towbar: lock with 5-digit code

If the towbar was manufactured after 2008, you will find a 5-digit code on the locking cylinder, e.g. "33344". A similar code “2W44” can be found on the inside of the key head.

The last two digits of the codes are the ending of the part no. of the appropriate key. In this case it would be "942 001 513 244".

With this key number you can order a new key at any time via your WERKSTATT or AMAZON.




Towbar: lock with 3-digit code

If you no longer have the key head and a 3-digit code can be found on the lock (in this case 249), a master key set with 50 keys must be ordered.

> This service is only for commercial customers. As the end customer, please contact the specialist trade or the workshop <

After testing the various keys, you can add the ending of the appropriate key "2WXX" (in this case 2W20) to the part no. "942 001 513 2XX", ie 942 001 513 220. After you have found out the article number, the complete set of keys must be sent back.

Keys lost from the bike carrier

The last two digits on the three locks on our BC 60, BC 70 and bikelander bike carriers are numbered from 001 - 020.

In the event of loss, the last two digits can be used to order a pair of replacement keys at 950 000 513 3XX. In this case the last two digits would be 18, i.e. 950 000 513 318.


More important information:

  • If the key breaks off and parts are still in the lock, the towbar may no longer be used for safety-related reasons.
  • If the lock cylinder is defective, it can be drilled out with a drill and the detachable tow ball (not the complete towbar!) can be sent in for repair.
  • The key must be removed after the tow ball has been attached. If it is in the lock during operation, it can be damaged.
  • The lock opening must be protected from dirt with the supplied cap. These can be found in a pack of 10 under item no. 905 112 630 101 can be reordered.