Towing Brackets

Always ready for the long haul!

The Heavy Duty Option from Westfalia-Automotive

Westfalia-Automotive is the sole provider worldwide of universal towing brackets. This base carrier is designed for towing very high payloads. Westfalia-Automotive supply towing brackets for small vans and lorries. 


  • Strong: Towing brackets from Westfalia-Automotive allow service vehicles to tow payloads of up to 40t
  • Universal: Westfalia-Automotive offer towing brackets that can be adjusted along their width and height, allowing them to be installed onto a broad range of vehicles that are not compatible with standard solutions
  • Safe: Each towing bracket also works as an underride guard
  • Flexible: A towing bracket can be used either in conjunction with a ball plate or a swap system

Ball plates for trailer brackets

The ball plate from Westfalia-Automotive connects the towing bracket to the towing vehicle. Westfalia-Automotive offers ball plates in various ball heights and weights (D value).

Swap systems for trailer brackets

The swap system from Westfalia-Automotive is compatible with trailers featuring either a ball towbar or open-end towbar connector. Either a ball or open-end towbar can be attached to the swap plate, allowing for a quick switch between systems.

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