Glossary towbars

Universal HGV tow bars

Towbars specifically developed for trucks and estate cars. The height and width of these are adjustable, making them universally applicable. As an option, you can choose either the open-end or ball towbar.

Vehicle specific wiring kit

Vehicle specific wiring kits are electrical wiring kits that have been specifically developed match different types of vehicle. The kits plug into the vehicle’s existing wiring harness and provide either 7 pin or 13 pin solutions, that work with your vehicle. Connections are made using compact plugs that can be connected to the corresponding plugs of the vehicle's taillights.

Westfalia offer industry leading 7 and 13 pin electrical kits with vehicle specific plugs for most towbars.

Assembly time

Assembly times specified are for guidance only and will depend on the condition of the vehicle and the capabilities / experience of the person assembling the towbar.


All Westfalia towbars are supplied with the fastenings and detailed assembly instructions.

Tow ball

The tow ball diameter is 50mm and corresponds to DIN 74058 and ISO 1103.  The distance between the ball centre and the road surface is 350 to 420mm when the rig is loaded (max permitted total weight).

Approvals / Registration

(Modification approval in accordance with paragraph 19, section 3 StVZO in Germany)
All tow bars have been inspected and have received design approval. After being attached, the tow bars must be immediately certified as being properly attached. These modification approval certifications are carried out by the vehicle inspection authorities (in Germany: TÜV/Dekra) or inspection technicians from officially recognised supervisory organisations (in Germany: KÜS, for example). The assembly (attaching) instructions are to be presented during approval.


In accordance with legislation, the tow load (Germany: GA) and maximum permissible total weight (Germany: GF) no longer need be specified on the type plate. Only the D-value and the permissible support load are specified. Using the specified D-value increases the possible bandwidth with modification approvals in accordance with paragraph 19 (3) StVZO in Germany. For example, by accordingly varying the tow load it is possible to change the permissible total weight without having to carry out a new approval.

The D-value is determined as follows:
D [kN], GA [kg], GF [kg]

D Value Calculations

Year of manufacture

If no year of manufacture is specified, then the vehicle type is valid for use from the date of its appearance until the present or until it is discontinued.

Automatic System

With detachable systems, the towball is only to be attached when necessary so that it does not to detract from the vehicle’s appearance. Automatic systems are renowned for being easy to use. To attach the ball bar, it need only be inserted into the receiving lug and it locks in automatically. When the ball bar is not attached, it can be stored in the boot of your vehicle, for example. Another advantage of this system is that you can secure the ball bar using the integrated lock.

Detachable towbar

A detachable towbar can be removed from the vehicle when it’s not in use, maintaining the aesthetic look of the car.

EC Type Approval

All Westfalia towbars are manufactured in accordance with Directive 94/20/EC. Directive 94/20/EC was introduced as part of the ECWVTA (European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval) to provide a common standard throughout the European Community.

Vertical load (Nose load)

The vertical load, often referred to as the nose load, is the term used for the load, weight or mass applied by the coupling head of the trailer or caravan onto the towball / towbar attached to the towing vehicle. This value is defined by the vehicle manufacturer and should not be exceeded. Check the manufacturers handbook for the vertical load for your vehicle.

Towing capacity (Payload)

The towing capacity, also known as the payload, is the weight of load you can legally tow. This information can be found in your vehicle handbook. If you are unsure about the tow load of your vehicle speak to your local Westfalia Fitting Partner.