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Utilisation du véhicule:

Vous pouvez vérifier ici si le déblocage souhaité pour votre véhicule est possible.

Utilisation du véhicule

Easiest Handling

  • Coding easier than ever before
  • Website (multilingual) can be visited with any internet-enabled device (PC, smartphone, tablet).
  • Cloud-based software, no installation or updates required
  • Vehicle selection via vehicle identification number or dialogue, possible codes are literally available at the push of a button
  • Coding is done without any additional end-user activities like adjusting values

Full cost transparency & control

  • No hidden costs
  • The prices for each encoding can be accessed through the shopping cart before purchasing
  • Pay-per-coding ensures that costs are limited to the service used, no hidden cost elements or additional fees

One solution for everything


    • From A for airbag to Z for ignition key
    • Autocode-Remote is intended for workshops that need an easy-to-use solution for various applications (not only related to towbars) with a potential need for immediate support

    Vehicle coding - what is behind it?

    Most functions in modern vehicles are now controlled by computer-aided electronics. This applies to basic functions such as the ignition or the braking system as well as to comfort functions or assistance systems. The so-called control units are of central importance in this context. They process the incoming signals from the sensors in the car and convert them into specific actions by controlling electric motors or electromagnetic valves. The radio signal from the car key, for example, is received by the sensor, which is then sent to the responsible control unit which in turn translates the signal into the „unlock central locking“ action by means of corresponding motors. The control units are also networked via a data bus system to enable communication with one another.

    The towbar you have purchased also includes a corresponding electrical kit, which contains a control unit in addition to the cable harness and vehicle-specific connectors. The so called vehicle coding informs the vehicle‘s control units that a towbar has been installed. This ensures that the lighting, but also the safety and driver assistance systems, work precisely in tune with trailer operations.

    Technicla specifications

    • Item no.: 900 001 400 209
    • Device dimensions: (L/W/H): 20 x 10.5 x 3 cm)
    • Weight: 550g
    • Supplied in a practical hard-shell case

    Reach your goal in just 7 steps

    1. Autocode remote for connection to OBD port and Internet via WLAN or LAN
    2. Then use your smartphone, tablet or PC to open the web portal to register / order
    3. User logs in to the service menu (first-time registration with customer data and SEPA direct debit mandate required)
    4. Either the chassis number is entered or the vehicle model is selected via the dialog
    5. The user selects the coding to be performed and confirms (the so-called "ticket" is created)
    6. Coding begins while setting up chat with live support diagnostic specialist
    7. Encoding will stop and the user will be informed accordingly