BC 70 Cycle Carrier
Wherever your journey may take you…

Multi-functional, compact, safe

BC 70 - a bicycle carrier in a class of its own

The fun starts with transporting your bicycle. To help you relax and enjoy your trip right from the start, Westfalia Automotive has designed its new BC 70 Cycle Carrier with your needs in mind – easy mounting onto the towbar, extremely compact, and very safe.

Additionally the BC 70 can be used for more than just carrying bicycles. In only a few steps and without the need for any tools, a transport box or platform can be mounted on the cycle carrier. This makes the BC 70 a truly multi-functional piece of equipment. On those days when you don't need to use the BC 70, it's compact format makes it easy to store in the garage or boot of your car.

The BC 70 Cycle Carrier – overview

The BC 70 cycle carrier excels with the following features:

  • Towbar-mounted carrier for 2 cycles
    (an extension rail is available for a third bicycle)
  • Max. payload 60 kg:
    making it suitable for heavy electric bicycles
  • Folded only 58 x 22 x 69 cm (WxHxD):
    Small enough to fit into a car boot
  • Swivel-down mechanism provides free access to the boot even when loaded
  • Completely pre-assembled and instantly ready for use
  • Suitable for bicycles with a wheelbase of up to 130 cm
  • Bicycle frames up to 8cm diameter
  • Tyre widths up to 6cm
  • Unit weight: 17.4kg

Product optimisations for the BC 60

The BC 70 is a further improvement of the award-winning BC 60 cycle carrier:

  • Optimised clamping on the towbar (easier handling, higher clamping force, automatic locking on the ball head)
  • Improved handling through new bicycle fasteners (quicker locking)
  • Visually attractive due to use of aluminium rails
  • Added corrosion protection with double paint coat (cathodic dip painting and powder coating)

Thoroughly tried and tested

The BC 70 cycle carrier has been developed and tested in close cooperation with the automotive industry and independent testing laboratories. Safety is our first priority:

  • ECE approved
  • TÜV certified (German Technical Inspection Authority)/GS certified
  • ADAC CityCrash tested
  • Dynamic test drives (e.g. braking, zigzag, lane changes, evasive manoeuvres)
  • Salt spray testing of corrosion resistance
  • Dynamic oscillation tests (including Carlos test)

Practical accessories

Would you like to expand your BC 70? We offer various options:

  • Expansion rail for 3rd bicycle
  • Transport box, 200 litre capacity
  • Transport platform
  • Loading rail
  • Transport bag
  • Additional brake light

Transport box Platform Other accessories

BC 70 product animation

See for yourself how the BC 70 cycle carrier (with accessories) works in detail.

Start animation

Item number and RRP

  • Item number: 350035600001
  • RRP £479 - (incl. VAT)
  • 5-year product warranty


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