Wiring Kit for Towbars

If it fits, it fits!

The perfect kit from Westfalia-Automotive

Westfalia-Automotive is the only towbar manufacturer that also produces the wiring kit needed for each towbar to hook up to the trailer's electrical system. 

Benefits of a towbar wiring kit from Westfalia-Automotive

Each wiring kit has been engineered to comply with the standards of the automotive industry.

This ensures:

  • Precise fit for each specific vehicle,
  • ultra-simple connection to the on-board wiring system and
  • maximum safety

7 and 13-pin wiring kits

The product portfolio ranges from wiring kits with relay technology to cutting-edge CAN bus kits that are actively tied into the vehicle's data bus. This is essential for working with new functions, including trailer stabilisation systems.

Wiring kits are divided into 7 and 13 pin systems, and then further sub-classified into universal and vehicle-specific solutions. 

Westfalia-Automotive believes that each towbar should come with the right wiring kit. The focus here is clearly on the vehicle-specific variant, as this makes the kit easier to fit and often enables advanced functions.


You can find a wiring kit for your Westfalia-Automotive towbars at your local specialised dealer.