The retractable towbar

for the aftermarket

the invisible towbar

Out of sight, ready to go: The range of retractable towbars from Westfalia-Automotive are convenient and fantastically easy to use.

The benefits of a retractable towbar

  • Compact: The compact construction and special swivel method make these towbars compatible even for cars with limited available space. 
  • Convenience: The plug on the ball rod makes it easy to wire the trailer or bike carrier into the car's electrical system.
  • Immediately ready for use & almost invisible: The towbar swivels out in seconds, either electronically or manually, only when needed — the rest of the time it is hidden inconspicuously under the fender. 


The mechanical retractable towbar R12 - for the aftermarket

R12 - mechanical retractable towbar with electrical release

•    Comfortable handling (electrical triggering in the trunk)
•    Perfect fi t and easy to assemble -> no additional assembly effort compared to fixed or detachable towbars
•    Maintenance-free
•    Safe locking thanks to optical and acoustic signals
•    System works independently -> no additional programming of the swivel module is necessary
•    Safety chain hole easily accessable on the neck (ECE R55 approved)
•    13 pin car specific wiring kit included
•    Integrated socket holder on the towball neck
•    EC approved


Always safe on the move with towbars from Westfalia-Automotive - whether fixed, detachable or retractable. Everything in top quality and EC-tested.

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