Retractable Towbars

Out of sight, ready to go

The Innovation from WESTFALIA

Out of sight, ready to go: The range of retractable towbars from Westfalia-Automotive are convenient and fantastically easy to use.

The benefits of a retractable towbar

  • Compact: The compact construction and special swivel method make these towbars compatible even for cars with limited available space. 
  • Convenience: The plug on the ball rod makes it easy to wire the trailer or bike carrier into the car's electrical system.
  • Immediately ready for use & almost invisible: The towbar swivels out in seconds, either electronically or manually, only when needed — the rest of the time it is hidden inconspicuously under the fender. 


The RX System

The RX System is always delivered as a kit, meaning it includes a 13-pin, vehicle-specific wiring kit. This ensures excellent logistics and competitive prices. The towbar is unlocked using an easily-reached handle stowed behind the fender. The tow ball neck is then moved into the ready position, with a warning tone indicating once it has locked into place. 

You can find retractable towbars at your local specialised dealer.

Animation RX-System

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